Rounding Up 2016

There are many things we can focus on when looking back at 2016; we can focus on the loss of some pioneers of the industry, we can focus on the closure of some of the world’s best clubs, we can focus on the political turmoil of the world; or we can focus on the amazing… Read more »

The Warehouse Project 2016

Now that The Warehouse Project is in full swing, we can talk about how important the yearly event is for UK nightlife. The fifteen week long event is something of legend amongst ravers in the UK. It’s held in a number of different venues around Manchester, including Store Street, Granada Studios, The Albert Hall, Manchester… Read more »

t q d – Ghosts

When t q d formed last year, I thought it was a dream come true. Three of the biggest heavyweights in garage, Royal T, DJ Q and Flava D teaming up to play gigs together and sure enough, in time, release incredible tracks together. Anyone who knows me at all will know that Flava D… Read more »

We need to talk about Fabric

Last week marked an incredibly sad day for a lot of London’s clubbers. The notorious Fabric had to close its doors following the drug-related deaths of two people earlier this year. The club in Farringdon were happy to keep the club closed for the past weekend so the Met police could carry out their investigation. It… Read more »

Mix of the week: Four Tet

It’s already been one month since Brexit…which means it’s also been one month since Glastonbury. I’ve been trying ready hard to write tons of posts about it but to be honest, I’ve still got the worst post-glasto blues. However, I can’t wait any longer and will have to fight through the pain to write this… Read more »

Hurley Mower – Retro

I know I’ve been away for a while and I really do apologise for that. Loads has been going on, I’ve finished uni, gone to Glastonbury and I’m well on my way to becoming a fully fledged adult. I know that’s no excuse and I have loads of backdated posts that I’m still working my… Read more »

Free Download: Billy Kenny – Work Me (Justin Jay Remix)

If, like me, you’re a third year university student, you’re probably trying to juggle the stresses of dissertation, exams and coming to terms with the fact that soon enough, you’ll be a real adult. The only thing that makes this realisation a little less daunting is the fact that there’s still so much great music… Read more »

Ciszak – I Want

After a monstrous week in Miami, the guys at Dirtybird have truly shown everyone how to party. Barclay Crenshaw (more commonly known as Claude VonStroke – head honco at Dirtybird) has held day parties, pool parties and underground parties during this year’s Miami Music Week and with me sitting here at my desk in an… Read more »

Ashworth – Cork

Sometimes, there are some tracks which have me lost for words; even after talking about it for what seems like forever with my friends. One of those tracks is the delightfully beautiful ‘Cork’ by Ashworth, it’s six minutes and forty-five seconds of meticulously magnificent production. I have been listening to this track for nearly a year… Read more »

Kidnap Kid – Moments

At a mere 25 years old, Matt Relton (otherwise known as Kidnap Kid) has really made an impression on the house music scene. He’s got a multitude of releases already under his belt, including the techno slammer “Fall” and “Vehl” – which won an iTunes (US) award back in 2012 for Best Electronic Song, and then… Read more »

  • Frankey & Sandrino – Acamar

    I don’t know what’s happened to me over the past couple of months, I feel like I’m starting to appreciate tech house more and more and this track is an absolute corker. I would definitely consider myself a rookie to this genre and probably couldn’t tell you the best tech tracks around right now, but I… Read more »

  • Eric Prydz – Opus (Four Tet Remix)

    To me, it feels like anything that Four Tet touches turns to gold; and with a show at Brixton (it was on October 16 and I’m still gutted I didn’t go) that sold out in just three minutes, I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who feels like this. When I first saw that he… Read more »

  • Justin Jay – ‘Mom, I Graduated!’

    At just 22 years old, Los Angeles based Justin Jay is doing all sorts of things to the bass scene in the US. Straight out of college, he already has a huge back catalogue of tracks that exceed most emerging artists trying to make their break in the states (Femme Fatale is easily my favourite). On his… Read more »

  • In Conversation: Billy Kenny

    It wasn’t too long ago that I wrote a profile post about the producer and DJ, Billy Kenny. Since said post, I have been in contact with him and he agreed to do a short interview with me! I won’t do another long introduction but let me give you the low-down… Billy Kenny is an English producer,… Read more »

  • Mix of the Week: GotSome

    The mix of the week this week comes from the duo who never fail to bring it all, GotSome. Adam Gorsky and Alex Holmes (aka GotSome) are a UK based production duo who are championing the bass and house scene at the moment. This pair work in the best way possible as Adam has years of… Read more »

  • Billy Kenny

    Now, it’s not often that I’ll do a whole post about an artist. If you know me and are an avid follower of my blog you’ll realise that usually, I will post a specific track by an artist. However, Billy Kenny is different. He’s an emerging artist and I’ve tried so hard to choose a… Read more »

  • Mix of the Week: Melé

    Melé, in my opinion, is one of the UK’s most underrated artists of this year. No, of last year. No, in fact, of all time. I have had the pleasure of seeing him live twice, however, every inch of me wishes I had seen him more than that, because I’ve never heard a set like it…. Read more »

  • Mix of the week: My Nu Leng

    It’s no secret that My Nu Leng are one of the biggest names in bassline house and garage right now. Every track they release is instantly played in clubs everywhere, every remix is dropped in every mix for months on end, and any track they feature on just seems to be an absolute banger. Featured originally… Read more »

  • Free download: PVC

    If, like me, you’re a massive fan of Walking with Elephants and bassline house, but could never imagine the two together…think again. Frankly, I’m shocked that Walking With Rhinos only has 31,000 listens on Soundcloud. It deserves so much more. PVC (Purple Velvet Curtains, incase you were wondering) has completely changed the whole production of this song,… Read more »

  • Dirtybird Mix: The History of Dirtybird

    The mix of the week this week comes from, not a DJ, but from a label. Dirtybird was the very first house label I fell in love with, because it was something completely and utterly different to anything else out there. Founded by the fantastically talented, Claude Von Stroke in 2005, it has just celebrated its… Read more »