I’m Cleo Greaves, I’m a student at Bournemouth University with a strange obsession with music.

I’m pretty open minded with my music taste but there’s something about dance music that you can’t find in any other genre. Not just the breaks, drops and dry vocals but also the euphoric feeling you get when you turn it on. There’s no other genre that takes you back to a night out with your friends, to a festival where the bass is erupting around you and where you think “this song would mix perfectly with this song I heard yesterday.”

I’m basically here to introduce you to my favourite mixes, favourite tracks and send some free downloads your way.

You can get in contact with me via any of the points above (right at the top of the site), if you have any questions or even want to send me any demos then email is probably the best port of call. I’ll listen to everything because I’m both nosey and greedy with all music.

One of the best things about being at university is access to the student radio station. I’m a firm believer in showcasing all of the fantastic talent out there and if you’ve ever wondered what’s going on in Bournemouth, then look no further than Nerve Radio.

Every fortnight on a Friday at 8pm, I host my own show. This show specialises in house, garage and drum and bass. A special feature of my show is to approach local and upcoming DJs and ask them to make a mini-mix for my show to showcase their talent, if you want to make me a mini-mix to air LIVE on my show then please get in touch!

That’s pretty much everything for now.


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