Now that The Warehouse Project is in full swing, we can talk about how important the yearly event is for UK nightlife.

The fifteen week long event is something of legend amongst ravers in the UK. It’s held in a number of different venues around Manchester, including Store Street, Granada Studios, The Albert Hall, Manchester Academy and The o2 apollo. Tickets sell out in mere minutes and the lineups are unbeatable amongst any other club night throughout the year. I’m yet to get a ticket to one of the events, mainly for the reason that I take far, far too long deciding which event is best to go to. By the time I decide, it’s already sold out, that’s pretty much an accurate representation of my life though, really.

The series of events tremendously help up-and-coming artists to make a name for themselves, especially when they find themselves on the same bill as what most likely are some of their inspirational DJs. Most of the nights either have a genre theme, is curated by an artist, a label or in fact, another well-known club night.

Here are some of my favourite lineups from this year:

Jackmaster B2B Joy Orbison
Daniel Avery
Jeremy Underground
Jimmy Edgar
Paul Woolford
Avalon Emerson
Mella Dee
Lemmy Ashton
Holly Lester
Klose One
For those who aren’t aware, Bugged Out! is a club night that has been running in London, Manchester and Barcelona for 20 years. They’ve hosted a massive amount of DJs over the years and have even started their own festival, the Bugged Out Weekender!, which funnily enough turns family park Butlins into a huge rave for three days. The fun never stops at the weekender and has become increasingly more popular over the years…Butlins…who’d have thought!
Andy C
Lethal Bizzle
Digital Mystikz:
Mala & Coki
AJ Tracey
Delta Heavy
Culture Shock
MJ Cole
Barely Legal
North Base
Rich Reason
Tonn Piper
Mark XTC & Sappo
Rowney & Propz
Dawn Raid
Bass Jedi
This is a HUGE lineup, I’m struggling to work out how they’ll fit everyone in on the night, but still, even if they played for 10 minutes each, it’ll still be the best night ever. This lineup is every bassline fan’s wet dream. Relentless have brought out the big guns for this night (Andy C, Delta Heavy, Lethal Bizzle) and are also showing their support for the rising stars (Mark XTC, Champion, Murlo).
I’d be here all day if I spoke about all of the lineups for these events, if you haven’t had a chance to check them out yet, click here and cry about what you’re missing out on.
The Warehouse Project is about more than just DJs playing wicked music to a great bunch of people, it represents the dance music scene every single year. Looking at the lineups year after year, the acts sum up the trends of that year and set precedent for the next. With what can only be described as a withering nightlife in the UK – the closure of Fabric and Studio 338 burning down, to name a couple of the tragedies – The Warehouse Project is something that we can all look forward to and quite frankly, is an event that Manchester should be immensely proud of. The popularity of WHP cannot be ignored and hopefully London will take a page from Manchester’s book and try to strive to have something just as great in the capital. Whatever happens, something needs to be done about the nightlife in the UK and it needs to happen soon.
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Written by CleoGreaves

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