When t q d formed last year, I thought it was a dream come true. Three of the biggest heavyweights in garage, Royal T, DJ Q and Flava D teaming up to play gigs together and sure enough, in time, release incredible tracks together.

Anyone who knows me at all will know that Flava D is one of my favourite artists and I will play DJ Q’s Rocky at any point I possibly can. This release from them is exactly what you would expect, high tempo, fast paced and a drop that perfectly represents each of the members.

What I love about this t q d track is that you can pick out subtle hints from each of the members – the underlaying screech of the bass from Flava D, the huge buildup from DJ Q and the in your face wobbles from Royal T. It’s pretty much perfect in every single way, make sure you give this track a listen.

Not only are t q d releasing tracks that sum up garage in 2016, but they’re also playing pretty much everywhere at the minute. They’re doing the festival circuit this summer, having already played at Glastonbury and played to a HUGE crowd at Boomtown last weekend, there’s an awesome video on their Facebook, which you can see here – in case you wondering, the track is a VIP from Flava D of her track with My Nu Leng – Soul Shake.

If you’re wondering where this trio are heading after festival season is over, they’re actually doing a one off tour of some of the clubs around the UK, it’ll be huge and definitely an event that shouldn’t be missed out on! Personally, I cannot wait to see them in Reading later on this year, it’s gunna be one of the best gigs of the year for me definitely!

TQD tour
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Written by CleoGreaves

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