Last week marked an incredibly sad day for a lot of London’s clubbers. The notorious Fabric had to close its doors following the drug-related deaths of two people earlier this year. The club in Farringdon were happy to keep the club closed for the past weekend so the Met police could carry out their investigation. It was then announced that the club have had their licence suspended, which means that the doors will remain closed for at least 28 days until the licence comes around for review.

This was absolutely heart-wrenching for many of us who have enjoyed the club countless times, some events had even provided people with some of the best nights of their lives. The club carries a legacy in house music and has been pioneers for plenty of labels, artists and upcoming DJs. The events there are nothing short of legendary and it’s such a shame that the club has had to suffer this devastating fate.

It is equally heartbreaking to hear that two people have tragically died due to drugs. However, the truth is, if people want to do drugs, they’ll do them. They’ll find a way to get the drugs into the club and they will take them, what we need is more policing about how to safely take them, rather than closing down a club completely.

Mixmag have recently started a campaign – “don’t be daft, start with a half” – where the magazine has heroically recognised that taking drugs such as MDMA or pills can be dangerous, and while they aren’t advocating taking drugs, they’ve recognised that it’s just a fact of life and for some people, sometimes these drugs go hand in hand with dance music and it’s been that way for nearly three decades. In the post, Duncan Dick (editor of Mixmag) explains, “the message couldn’t be more simple: taking a small amount of ecstasy and waiting a couple of hours before redosing could save your life. Telling your friends ‘don’t be daft, start with a half’, could save their lives. If you’re a DJ or an artist, helping us spread this message could help save the lives of your fans.” With these drugs becoming evermore popular on the street and ecstasy pills having double, or sometimes even a triple dose, it’s really, really important that this message is spread around.

After the news of Fabric’s indefinite closure, many DJs took to Twitter to call upon Sadiq Khan, the mayor of London, who in his mayoral campaign spoke about he wanted to try and save London’s nightlife and support clubs.



There are honestly countless amounts of tweets to Khan and yesterday he tweeted us all back and did not disappoint. 

Let’s hope that the Met and Islington council can come to some sort of agreement about Fabric’s licence, but there’s one thing that can be known for sure; the future of clubbing in London is going to be completely different in the coming months, I just hope that Fabric can stay open and the message is spread about how to take drugs safely.

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Written by CleoGreaves

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