If, like me, you’re a third year university student, you’re probably trying to juggle the stresses of dissertation, exams and coming to terms with the fact that soon enough, you’ll be a real adult. The only thing that makes this realisation a little less daunting is the fact that there’s still so much great music being released.

As avid readers of this blog will know, Billy Kenny is doing all sorts of things to the house scene at the minute. His EP ‘Ron Dat’, was released on his own label This Ain’t Bristol back in March and Justin Jay took it upon himself to do the remix duties for the b-side of the EP, ‘Work Me’.

The original track features dark, bouncy bass and a distorted vocal, everything that you would expect from the Leeds born producer. The remix, however, takes a funky turn, with a prolonged vocal sample and basically Jay has completely re-worked the track. It features everything you would expect from a disco track, electric guitar plucks, a sassy vocal and a light, funky beat. It has all of the elements to make you want to bop your head and click your fingers to the beat.

I’m yet to hear this song in a mix, but with the sun peeping out more and more, I’m sure it’ll be played everywhere across festivals this summer and also at BBQs, picnics, basically everything.

Justin Jay is currently working on his firstĀ album, which is being released in parts through a series of singles and EPs on different record labels, which will eventually come together as an album. The first part, ‘Weatherman’, was released on Black Butter RecordsĀ and starts sailing on a more indie-rock wave mixed with Jay’s typical house grooves. It was a collaboration with Josh Taylor, Benny Bridges and Henry Was, who done the vocals, guitar and drums respectively, they released it as “Justin Jay & Friends”. I can’t wait to hear the rest of the album – more coming soon about this though!

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Written by CleoGreaves

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