Sometimes, there are some tracks which have me lost for words; even after talking about it for what seems like forever with my friends. One of those tracks is the delightfully beautiful ‘Cork’ by Ashworth, it’s six minutes and forty-five seconds of meticulously magnificent production.

I have been listening to this track for nearly a year now, and for at least five months I was listening to it daily without fail. It’s really rare for a house track to have such an adverse effect on me, so when this masterpiece tickled my eardrums, everything changed.

Okay, maybe that all seems a bit dramatic. But you know when you listen to a song and you kind of re-evaluate everything? That’s ‘Cork’ for me, it stirred feelings and emotions that I hadn’t really experienced through a single track before. I’m not alone with saying this either, most of the people I have showed this song to have said exactly the same thing.

Joe Ashworth (who just goes by Ashworth), is a producer from London who brought out his debut album, ‘Grain’ last year, which was released on Needwant and ‘Cork’ is the first track. In his spare time, he makes music scores for films and creates sound art – this would explain why emotion seeps through his music.

‘Cork’ is humble, endearing and impassioning, not to mention its melody genuinely does get stuck in your head for days. It’s also suitable for pretty much anything, you can listen to it in the car, when writing an essay or just when you have a moment to yourself and still have the same reaction. It was easily one of my favourite tracks last year and I’ll carry it through with me into 2016, it’s not one that’s easily forgettable and it’s very easily loveable – give it a go, you might be pleasantly surprised.

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Written by CleoGreaves

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