The mix of the week this week comes from, not a DJ, but from a label. Dirtybird was the very first house label I fell in love with, because it was something completely and utterly different to anything else out there.

Founded by the fantastically talented, Claude Von Stroke in 2005, it has just celebrated its 10th Birthday and plays host to some of the worlds best and most extravagant DJs. This list includes the likes of Justin Martin, Eats Everything, Shiba San, Julio Bashmore, Kill Frenzy and a bunch more!

The family of “Dirtybird players” are incredibly close knit and always look like they’re having an amazing time when they DJ together. This love of DJing shines through in each and every show they’ve played since the first in San Francisco.

Dirtybird often hold events in America called “Dirtybird BBQ“. It’s exactly what it says on the tin, a massive BBQ rave. Can it get any better? I’m yet to see Von Stroke bring the genius idea to the UK but I pray…PRAY he does it soon! A Dirtybird BBQ album is usually released in conjunction with the tours each year, so if you miss the event itself you can still listen to all of the best songs dropped in each players’ set.

This mix was made for Mistajam on BBC Radio 1Xtra for his “60 minutes” feature, rather than picking a player for the mix, Dirtybird opted to make a “history of” mix and it’s absolutely brilliant. This mix is the perfect companion for anything: walking to work, driving to a festival, writing an essay…ANYTHING.

Luckily, they’ve chosen to upload it to Soundcloud so we have this little baby forever, rather than 30 days on iPlayer. That itself is the best gift anyone can ask for this Easter. When you have a spare hour, give it a listen. If you’ve not heard of Dirtybird before, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how many songs you recognise in this mix.

I’ve got a lot of time for Dirtybird, the label taught me that not all house music is tech house. Without sounding too cheesy, they really opened my ears to all different dimensions of house that I wouldn’t have listened to hadn’t it been for the likes of Justin Martin, Claude Von Stroke, Catz n Dogz and crew! Not to mention Dirtybird plays host to my favourite house song of ALL TIME (I Enter, if you didn’t know already) and if that’s not enough reason to adore them, I don’t know what is.

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Written by CleoGreaves

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